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President's Report

Pending Changes at ASQ

Many of you may have heard about some of the pending changes that are happening within ASQ. I recently received some information from our current Regional Director Jim Creiman. He shared some slides and will be sending me a link to them. I have not received the link but thought some of the information should be communicated.
One change that is being made is the current structure of Sections within Regions. Our section 801 is part of Region 8. Region 8 includes twelve (12) sections including Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Mid-Ohio Valley, Youngstown-Warren, Central Northwest Ohio, Erie, Akron Canton, Mansfield, Ashtabula Elyria-Lorain and Scioto Valley. ASQ is changing to Geographic Communities with Regional Centers. In 2019, we will be part of the East North Central Region. 
The East North Central Region will include Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. It is not known how many actual sections will exist.  Our 2019 Regional Director will be Bud Newton, who is currently Region 9 Director, SAC Chair and a member of the ASQ Board of Directors. He will be part of a Geographic Community Council or GCC. The GCC will control the Funds for all of the Sections and Student Branches. Our Section must submit our budget to our current Regional Director and new Regional Director by September 30th .It is currently being worked on by all Committee Leaders.
We previously budgeted for the Student Sections. Going forward the Student Section will be submitting the own budgets. We as a Section can also budget money for the students in our budget for attending any of our events and helping to support them.
There will still be some responsibilities for a Treasurer but they will decrease over time. The Finance tool was supposed to be available at the beginning of 2019. Now the pilot tool will not be available till December. It will need to be tested. Until this is rolled out, the Treasurer will need to perform all current duties as defined. If someone is interested in becoming the Treasure, we can use your help. 
Another change is being made in Communication. ASQ Headquarters wants to optimize the Member Experience and will focus on Improving Communication with members and between sections. A main vehicle of communication will be My ASQ.
The transition rules are still being developed and we will learn more about the changes as they are communicated. Even with the focus on expanding internationally, 85% of ASQ members are located in the United States. 
Please keep an open mind as changes are made and communicated. We do not expect a lot of changes at the Section level. We have started planning the Spring Conference and will continue to have great speakers at Dinner Meetings and Tours of facilities in our area. We will continue to communicate educational opportunities.
If you want to make a difference in your ASQ section, please volunteer. Your involvement can make a difference in our section and in yourself. GET INVOLVED.

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ASQ Certifications

Changes to Recertification beginning in 2019
In an effort to provide an easier, secure and more efficient recertification process, ASQ will require all certification holders to use an online recertification app starting Jan. 1, 2019.   This means that ASQ Sections will no longer process recertification journals.
This new process provides will help with delivering consistency in processing, provides a dashboard and recertification unit tracker, houses the users complete document history and automatically integrates RUs received for attendance at ASQ WCQI, ASQ Certifications earned and ASQ Membership. These features will ease the burden of gathering cumbersome recertification documentation.
If you have any questions regarding this topic please feel free to contact Jim Spichiger at or at 614-507-1006

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Welcome to myASQ!

Welcome to myASQ, the community designed to help you expand and share your knowledge of quality!

Here, you’ll interact with like-minded individuals with whom you can network and discuss popular topics facing the greater quality community. myASQ is the centralized location for timely and relevant solutions, providing you the information you need to succeed as a quality professional.

You’ll be able to stay informed of community news and events, initiate and contribute to discussions about quality topics important to you, and access public communities and any others you’re affiliated with as a member or customer.

To get started, participate in the welcome walk-through, which includes steps to update your profiles and account settings, and introduce yourself in the dedicated discussion board. Then, partake in other conversations — sharing your knowledge and learning from others.

Like what you see? Have a suggestion to better serve the community? Share your feedback!

Welcome again to your myASQ community!

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ASQ Student Chapters

ASQ -OHIO U. Student Branch

Schedule for Fall of 2018-2019


Activity: Chipotle or Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser

Description: Apply to earn a percent of profit during a limited time window through either Chipotle’s or Buffalo Wild Wings student org funding. We will have to apply for this like a scholarship but we have contacted other orgs who say it is a good way to raise awareness and money.

Date:  9/28/2018


Activity: General body meeting

Description: Reintroduce the organization to the student body as well as cover ASQ certifications and quality belts. We will be trying to branch out and invite more people within the engineering college as well as people interested. In addition to this we will talk about a quality concept as with all general body meetings.

Date: 10/5/2018


Activity: Cornhole tournament fundraiser

Description: Hold a campus wide cornhole tournament in which participants have to pay to enter. There will be a small price given to the winner of the tournament. This would be a good way to attract a large amount of people and again keeping it open to more people rather than just the engineering college.

Date: 10/12/2018


Activity: Dupont plant tour

Description: We have a personal connection with somebody who would be willing to give our organization a plant tour of Dupont plant in Parkersburg West Virginia. The drive is about an hour so we felt this would be one of the better close plants to tour. In addition to this Dupont has quality specific teams and would be willing to show us some of their daily routines.

Date: 10/19/2018


Activity: Guest speaker (TBD)

Description:  Manufacturing Quality Practices

Date: 10/26/2018


Activity: General body meeting

Description: Hold a general body meeting in which we would have the yearly election or reelection of the ASQ Athens chapter officers. In this meeting we will discuss what we have done this year as well as some of the possibilities for next. And as the other general body meeting we will be covering a quality concept.

Date: 11/2/2018


Officer Information

President – Taylor Scott – [email protected]

Vice President – Matthew Martin – [email protected]

Treasurer – Tyler Williams – [email protected]

Event Chair – Adam Pfeiffer – [email protected]

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Thank You to our Platinum and Gold Sponsors of the 2018 ASQ Spring Conference


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