ASQ Columbus Section September Webinar

September 08, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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During these uncertain times, ASQ Columbus is sponsoring a webinar in place of the normal September meeting. Hope you can join us!

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Capture and Deploy the Voice of the Customer

Most executives and change leaders emphasize that customer satisfaction and excellent service are top priorities and keys to success.  This session is all about how to achieve those goals with speed and simplicity.  The answers use unconventional thinking to achieve outstanding results. 

The magnitude of the challenge becomes clear when you ask any ten employees (a) what “service” means, (b) who “the customer” is or (c) what customers’ top priorities are.  Leaders are often surprised that consensus is elusive, meaning success will be, too.  How can we have evidence-based enterprise direction when we aren’t clear who to get the evidence from or what to ask?  We can fix this by using a new paradigm and pragmatic method for achieving unambiguous agreement on the answers to these essential questions. Your goals for understanding, measuring and satisfying customers are suddenly simplified and magic happens. 

Once we understand what customers want, it is often assumed delivery will be straightforward, customer experience advances, and competitiveness improves.  Rarely is that the case.  Success is dependent on seamlessly aligning the customer priorities across the relevant functional silos within the enterprise. The methodology you will learn shows how to do this with speed and simplicity, while building employee engagement. 

Speaker: Tony Belilovskiy

Tony Belilovskiy joined the C3 Excellence team following a very successful career in healthcare and business.  His diverse expertise includes engineering in metallurgy, ballistics, licensed clinician, healthcare administration, auditor, healthcare consulting, and entrepreneurial business ownership.  His experience ranges from clinical, healthcare administration, healthcare IT, contract administration and negotiations, financial analysis, business and people management, systems implementations and mergers, data analysis, data migration, medical claims analysis, college and university course development, and varied projects that come with owning your own management consulting business.  Tony has expertise in areas of quality and leadership, culture change, project management and strategic planning. 

Tony holds both Bachelors in Cardiopulmonary Sciences and Masters in Healthcare Management and Administration from Northeastern University in Boston, MA; Associates Degree in Metallurgy from Odessa Polytechnic Institute in Odessa, Ukraine.  He is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Professional Coder.  In addition to all of the above, Tony is also an accomplished classical pianist.  He resides in Sarasota, FL with his wife of over 20 years and 3 daughters.



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