Columbus Section 801 Business Plan

ASQ employs strategic planning techniques similar to those used by successful businesses and organizations.  The Section Business Plan is an element of ASQ's Section Management Process (SMP).  It complements the other elements of the SMP:

  • Assessing member needs and expectations, and

  • Measuring the Section's performance

The ASQ Section 801 Business Plan is built using the results of our assessment of member needs and expectations gathered through such means as surveys and informal feedback from members.  The Business Plan is developed in parallel with the Section budget for the fiscal year (July1 through June 30) in order to assure that we are aligning our use of our financial resources with activities that will increase member value, increase member retention, and increase member satisfaction. 

The Section Executive Committee tracks our progress toward achieving our goals and takes action to keep the plan on track as needed throughout the fiscal year.  Many goals are part of long-range plans spanning multiple years.