Monday, March 11, 2019
Crowne Plaza North, Columbus, Ohio 


The Columbus Section of the American Society for Quality is seeking speakers for its 2019 Annual Spring Conference. This year’s theme is Quality-Bridging to the future.

We are looking for individuals who enjoy sharing their knowledge, experiences, success stories, and practical advice regarding the use of quality tools for implementing or improving products or processes within the organization. 

We are searching for presentations that include the following:  

  • A topic that links to the Conference Theme
    • Ideal topics will be centered around:
      • Organizational Change
      • Quality Management
      • Quality Tools
      • Operational Excellence
  • 3-5 Defined Learning Objectives
  • A minimum of 45 min content with the remainder of the 60min for Q&A.
    • If you are interested in providing a workshop or tutorial with concurring sessions (e.g., 2 60 minute sessions with a 15 minute break), that can be scheduled. 
  • A real life example of how the topic can be applied.
  • Audience Involvement.
    • People learn and remember more when they experience concepts. Invite attendees to ask questions and relate their experience to your presentation.
If interested, applications are due by January 11th
Click here to fill out and submit registration. 
 Speaker’s will be notified if they are chosen by January 18th.


Contact Bill Soller at [email protected], 614-570-2541 if you have any questions.