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Change your Email Address

Profile Email Update Procedures

In order to update your email address and preferences, you must log into the ASQ National Web site to make the changes. (

Purpose: To update information so that it is accurate. It’s important for members to follow these steps because the Membership Chair receives a monthly download and assumes that the member profile kept at National ASQ is the most accurate information. As a result any old email address is overwritten with what is received from the download.

To Change Email Address:

1. Go to and log in (if you haven’t logged in before you can put your ASQ member number in both the account number field and the password field and follow the instructions)

2. Click on ‘Manage Your Membership’ 

3. Click on ‘Change Contact Information’ 

4. Scroll down to the ‘Email Address’ section of the page

5. Enter your new email address and repeat it in the ‘Confirm Email Address’ line and click ‘continue’ button at bottom of the page.

To ensure you receive periodic email notices, etc from your Section(s):

1. Click on ‘Manage Your Membership’

2. Click on ‘Change Email Preferences’

3. Click to place a check in the ‘Section Updates’ box

4. Click ‘Continue’ at bottom of the page