ASQ Fellows

Our section has 10 (1.7%) of the ~600 active ASQ Fellows.  
Less than 1% of ASQ members achieve this prestigious membership level.

Section 801's Fellow Members: 

  • Charles Aubrey
  • Andrew Britt
  • Jane Campanizzi
  • Gordon Clark
  • Sandra Furterer
  • William Harper
  • Carl Nocera
  • Tracy Owens
  • Mustafa Shraim
  • James Spichiger


For more information on ASQ Fellow membership, contact Gordon Clark, or click here!


  • Candidates must be nominated by their section, forum/division, a country councilor, or the elected chair or president of a country unit recognized by the ASQ board of directors.

  • Candidates must have 15 years of active experience in quality-related positions

  • Candidates must first be a Senior Member for at least the past five calendar years.

  • Candidates must attain the required minimum score in six categories and the minimum overall score: 
    • Technical Competence
    • Occupational Responsibility
    • Publications, Papers, Presentations on Quality Subject Matter
    • ASQ Activities
    • Membership/Participation/Service to Professional Organizations othe than ASQ
    • Teaching (or consulting for professional educators)


The submission deadline for Fellow nominations is May 1st.

New Senior and Fellow Options:
ASQ has changed the benefit options available to Senior and Fellow members. A choice of one of the extra benefit options below is included with membership dues of $159.*

  • Select one journal of your choice

  • Select two divisions of your choice

  • Select one additional section of your choice

*ASQ member dues are for one year and subject to change without notice.