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Welcome to ASQ Columbus Section 801

Have you heard?! This website is on the move!! 

As part of the ASQ global restructuring, Sections like ASQ Columbus 801 must transition their individual websites to the new MyASQ Communities. 
This website and it’s content will remain available until June 2021 when this domain expires while we work to built up our myASQ website. 

The Columbus Section MyASQ Communities Website will be accessible to the public,
but Section Members will have access to additional features such as downloading of resources and registering for events.
There are other features such as Member Profiles, and the ability to Connect with other Members.

To join MyASQ Communities, ASQ Section Members must first Create an Account, or
Login to MyASQ Communities<http://link.rm0004.net/go/D3gttGKYgUj5fvoD6WQW6w2/>.
Then Visit the Columbus Section Community, and it will automatically recognize you as a Member of the group.


We look forward to seeing you on myASQ!!