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Columbus Section Chair Update

GREETINGS TO ALL! This is our First Newsletter of 2017. We have recently added a Newsletter Editor, Fran Miller. We are lucky to have an individual like Fran to volunteer for this task. We can still use help from our members to write articles and submit information to be published. Also, if you would like to be part of the Newsletter committee, we do have openings. Contact myself or Fran if you would like to volunteer and earn some additional Continuing Education Credits toward 
Tom Baldrick - 2017 Columbus Section Chair
My name is Tom Baldrick. I am the Chair of Columbus Section 801 for 2017. 
My intention is to make the Columbus Section one of the best sections in the country. 
I can only do that with YOUR help. We need committee members that are committed
to being the best at what they do. It takes a commitment to volunteer and schedule
the time to do what is required to be the best. If that sounds like you, then please
volunteer. I hope that is what you will see from our Committee Leadership.

2017 Business Plan - In support of ASQ's Strategic Objectives, The Columbus Leadership Team has identified eleven objectives that we will focus on for the entire year. Each of these have action plans that may be adjusted as we determine the resources and ideas that we have to accomplish them. Your support and involvement would assist us in achieving all of them. It is very simple. The more knowledgeable and committed individuals that are involved makes it easier to make progress and achieve results. Here is a sample of one Objective for 2017.

Objective: Increase number of members involved.

Action Plan: Increase the number of members on committees and speakers.

Measures: Number of members involved in committees. One way you can help is to volunteer to be on a committee. There are several committees that can use members to increase their progress on Objectives and Action Plans. If you want to work with some very knowledgeable individuals and be involved in improving YOUR Section, send an email today.

Spring Conference - I hope you were able to attend and enjoy the presentations. The Spring Conference Committee co-chairs were Marty Hartman and Chuck Adams. They did a great job of organizing the individuals on their committee and providing a conference that the overall conference satisfaction was 88%. The highest rated categories were: Ability to Network, Registration, Conference Price and Refreshments. My thanks to the Conference chairs and their Committee members: Michelle Cloyd, Nanette Richardson, Dave Gemmel, Gordon Clark, Tim Keller, Chet Meddles, Bob Gross and other ASQ members who provided support. The Committee members met for many evenings to plan and discuss the 2017 Spring Conference. Many THANKS!

Dinner Meetings - We want your suggestions for Dinner Meeting speakers. We want to ensure that the speakers are providing the content that helps you be successful in your career. Don't hesitate to make suggestions on topics and potential speakers. The April 11 Dinner meeting focused on "Learning Performance Excellence Approach by being an Examiner" ; Margot Hoffman, CEO of The Partnership for Excellence is always looking for good Examiners that are willing to commit to training, scoring an application and participating in a site visit to assist in determining who should be recognized. The examiners are trained and have the privilege of reading  and scoring a submitted application and visiting an organization that is committed to Excellence. It is a great experience.

Tours - What companies would you like to tour? What about yours? Would you like to host a tour of your organization? Please let us know. The intent of the tours is to see what is working to make improvements in different organizations. Are you making progress that you are willing to share? Let us know. Bill Soller, Program Chair has done a great job of lining up tours through 2017. We are now working on Tours for 2018. The following dates are currently open: February 13, 2018 and May 18, 2018. Let Bill know if your are intersted in hosting a tour.

Leadership Meetings - We are holding our Section Leadership meetings following the Dinner meetings. The meetings will start at 8:00 and be complete by 9:00 in the same room as the Dinner Meeting. If there is a TOUR the meeting location will be listed on the Web site.  We would like as many members to attend as their schedule permits. Your input and ideas can help make YOUR Section better. This is Your Section and your voice needs to be heard if you want to be part of one of the BEST Sections in the country.

I hope to see YOU, meet YOU and talk with YOU at a future meeting or event.

Tom Baldrick

Columbus Section 801 Chair


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2017 Leadership Team

Here is the current list of 2017 Leaders for the Columbus Section 801

Leadership Team

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Welcome New ASQ Members

Welcome and congratulations on making the important decision to becoming a member of the Columbus Section of ASQ. All new members receive a "Welcome Letter" and "Free Dinner Coupon" for a future dinner meeting within 6 months of joining. 

New member list




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ASQ Certifications


There have been some updates to the 2017 Recertification Journal!  

Get all the details in the link below.

ASQ Recertification Update - March 2017

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Section News


Air Force Master Sergeant Awarded 2017 Inspector of the Year Award from ASQ’s Inspection Division

Join us in congratulating Charles (Chuck) Roberts a USAF Master Sergeant stationed
at the Heath, OH and member of ASQ section 801

Inspector of the Year Award


We are pleased to announce that the Columbus Section has received the Gold award recognition for 2016. This level was achieved by meeting the good standing requirements as well as meeting or exceeding the all PAR metrics.

 2016 PAR Award List of Winners!




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