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Quality Spirit Quarterly 2017 Print

Columbus Section Chair Update

Hello to all Members of the ASQ Community!      

This year continues to go by at a pace that is too fast to get all of my work done. The holidays are upon us and I still need to complete my 2017 resolutions. I hope that does not describe you.

2018 ASQ Section 801 Plans - Your ASQ section 801 Leadership Team is currently working on our 2018 Plans. The 2018 plans and budget are due at Headquarters by December 15, 2017. If you have some ideas you believe should get attention in 2018, please submit them on the website by clicking on “Contact Us” or email info@columbusasq801.com Include any ideas on budget amount also.

ASQ Friend Article – Last Month’s Newsletter. I was very disappointed in the lack of response to the ASQ Friend Article. I was hoping we would get some volunteers that would assist on getting it organized.  We did not receive any emails or messages from individuals that were willing to volunteer to help others. One individuals requested that a friend be assigned to him.

Some suggested that it was not clear what the time commitment would be or if recertification credits would be given. That is true. I was hoping to have individuals volunteer and they could then decide the frequency of meetings and whether they met as a group or two individuals. Once a format and frequency is determined then RU’s could be determined. I have asked to have the “ASQ Friend Article” run again in this Newsletter. If you are interested in getting involved in helping others learn about Quality, please volunteer.

I will assist in getting this initiative started. Again, you can send an email to:  info@columbusasq801.com

  I want to wish each and every one a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. Take time to be with your friends and family and let them know that you appreciate them. Life always seems to be shorter than we expect it to be.

I hope to meet you at a future ASQ Section event.


Tom Baldrick  Chair, ASQ Section 801



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A Six Sigma Application

Anodizing Process Improvement by Mustafa Shraim and Bill Soller

The project outlined below was completed in 2016 for Anomatic Corporation in Newark, OH. Anomatic is a global supplier of high volume anodized aluminum packaging. This project resulted in reduction of nonconforming product by an estimated annualized savings of $101,649. The DMAIC process is outlined below:


There was a significant amount of plated parts rejected from the anodizing operation. The main defect was color variation. This rejection is found at the final inspection operation. The objective was to reduce the percent defective for this product line by 30%. A team was formed to investigate the issue and recommend solutions.


In this phase, the following steps were completed:

  •    The measurement system was analyzed to verify that it is adequate. Since the inspection was performed visually at the end of the line using samples, an attribute agreement analysis was carried out to confirm that there was no difference within inspectors, between inspectors, and as compared to expert evaluation (standard).


  • A SIPOC map was prepared to scope the project (identifying process steps as well as inputs/outputs and customers/suppliers)


  • A baseline for the reject rate was measured and plotted using a control chart for 34 weeks. There was no special causes indicating that the process is stable and a Six Sigma project is possible.


A brainstorming session was conducted in this phase to identify the factors that could cause color variation in the process. A list of factors was generated then prioritized. A fractional factorial design was generated to determine whether these factors were truly important. Five out of the six factors were found significant and were used in the optimizing experiment.


In this phase, the 5 factors determined significant in the “Analyze” phase were used in another experiment to optimize the process – this time with fine-tuned levels. The best settings for factors are circled.

The optimum settings as determined during the experiment were confirmed. The color rating was expected to be between 3-5. Two different die lots were used for the confirmation runs with similar results for color. 


As the chart below shows, the process was improved both through reduction of reject rate from 0.62% to 0.20%. The variation was also reduced in the process.





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Smart Columbus

Smart Columbus

The city of Columbus has embarked on an initiative called Smart Columbus aimed at reinventing the mobility in central Ohio. Columbus competed against 77 major cities nationwide to win the Smart City challenge with a $40 million grant from the US Department of Transportation and another $10 million from Vulcan, Inc. More specifically, the goals of Smart Columbus are as follows:

·         Improve the city’s quality of life

·         Drive growth in the economy

·         Provides better job opportunities

·         Become a world class logistics leader

·         Foster sustainability


Smart Columbus hopes to achieve these goals by the following means:


·         Integrate data exchange

·         Connect vehicles so vehicles can connect with each other

·         Common payment

·         Multimodal trip planning

·         Smart mobility hubs

·         Street lighting

·         Collision avoidance

·         Mobility assistance

·         Enhanced permit parking

·         Event parking management

·         Delivery zone availability

·         Connected electric Autonomous vehicles

·         Truck platooning

·         Oversize vehicle routing

·         Interstate truck parking


There are national and local partners to support this initiative. Battelle, Ohio Department of Transportation, Siemens, COTA, OSU, AEP , Greater Columbus Arts Council and Honda are among some of the major local partners while the US Department of Transportation, the US Department of Energy, Vulcan, AT&T, DC Solar, Amazon webservices™, Auto Desk, Mobiley® and Sidewalk Labs are among the national partners. For more information, check this site: https://www.columbus.gov/smartcolumbus/

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Get Certified

Get Certified!

 Invest in your career and your future with an ASQ certification. Gain an advantage over your competition and increase your potential for a higher salary.

ASQ certification is a formal recognition by ASQ that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specific body of knowledge. Over 200,000 certifications have been issued to dedicated professionals worldwide.

Visit http://asq.org/cert/index or call ASQ at 800-248-1946 for more information about the 18 different certifications that ASQ offers.

All ASQ certification exams are offered locally.



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Get Recertified

Recertification Journals

 If it is time for you to recertify, don’t delay! Information about recertification (recert tips, the process, etc.) can be found on the Columbus Section web site at http://columbusasq801.com/content.php?page=Recertification

You have three options to submit your journal:

1)    Renew on-line.  Go to https://asq.org/cert/myru   (you will need to login to you ASQ account)

2)    E-mail a PDF copy of your recertification journal along with supporting documentation to Jim Spichiger at  jim.spichiger@hotmail.com

3)    Mail your recertification journal and supporting documents to:

Jim Spichiger- Recertification Chair

ASQ Columbus Section

109 Drogheda Ct

Granville, OH  43023



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Upgrade to ASQ Senior Member

Upgrade to ASQ Senior Member

Senior Membership is not age dependent and it is free!

Leadership and professional achievement do not go unnoticed by ASQ.  The Society offers Senior membership for individuals who represent the upper echelon of the quality profession and serve as the backbone of the Society.  ASQ Senior membership rewards members with enhanced benefit selections for no additional fee.

You may apply for Senior membership status if you meet the following criteria:

  • Been an ASQ full member in good standing for one year
  • Have 10 years of professional experience
  • Meet one of four professional criteria outlined on the Senior membership application


If you have any desire to advance, please download the Application for Advancement to the Grade of Senior from ASQ’s web site at http://asq.org/membership/individuals/senior.html

 You are urged to take full advance of your membership benefits so please don’t delay.


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Scholarship Flyer

Ken Brooks / Bob Grubb Scholarship

Application Available

 Applications are now available for the Columbus Section’s Ken Brooks/Bob Grubb scholarship!   This $1000 scholarship fund was created to help members, their family, or friends defray the costs associated with college expenses.  Scholarship funds will be dispersed to one or more deserving students in the Spring of 2018. 

Applications can be downloaded from the ASQ Columbus Section’s web site:  http://columbusasq801.com/Scholarships

 Applications can also be obtained by contacting Jim Spichiger at 740-349-3708 or jim.spichiger@hotmail.com

 Applications must be postmarked/submitted no later than January 31.



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Quality Professional of the year

Quality Professional of the Year

 In an effort to provide further membership value, the Columbus Section is now offering the Quality Professional of the Year Award.  There is no fee for this award.

Any Columbus Section member may nominate someone for this award. Section members may nominate a peer, a co-worker, someone on their staff, etc.  Self nomination is not permitted.  The candidate does not need to be an ASQ member.

Any qualified individual, who spends more than 50% of their time in a professional quality related function such as engineering, auditing, process improvement, management, consulting, etc., is eligible as a candidate to receive this award.  Job titles for quality professions include but are not limited to: coordinator, specialist, auditor, engineer, green belt, black belt, manager, director, vice president or consultant.

The award winner will receive a plaque and be provided a complimentary registration to the Columbus Section Spring Conference!

Applications are available on the Columbus Section web page   www.columbusasq801.com   or by contacting Jim Spichiger at 740-349-3708  or at  jim.spichiger@hotmail.com

Applications must be postmarked no later than November 30.


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Quality Technician of the Year

Quality Technician of the Year

 In an effort to provide further membership value, the Columbus Section is pleased to offer the Quality Technician of the Year Award.  There is no fee to apply for this award.

Any Columbus Section member may nominate someone for this award. Section members may nominate a peer, a co-worker, someone on their staff, or themselves.

Any qualified individual who spends more than 50% of his or her time in inspection, test, audit, calibration, etc., functions to assure conformance to engineering, manufacturing, quality and customer standards or requirements, is eligible as a candidate to receive the award.The award winner will receive a plaque and be provided a complimentary registration to the Columbus Section Spring Conference!

Applications are available on the Columbus Section web page   http://columbusasq801.com/  or by contacting Jim Spichiger at  740-349-3708  or at  jim.spichiger@hotmail.com

Applications must be postmarked no later than November 30.


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ASQ Friend

ASQ Friend – What is an ASQ Friend?

A friend is defined in Webster’s Pocket Dictionary as: 1. a person whom one knows well and cherishes. 2. An acquaintance. 3. A person who promotes or favors something. 4. A person of the same nation or group as oneself.

By the above definition (Number 4) all ASQ members would be friends. I would like it to be more than just a friend, I want to consider you as family, a family within the ASQ community. I would like it to get to be equal to definition number 1. I would like individuals to volunteer to be an “ASQ Friend” to a New Member.

It has been found in Research done by ASQ that members that join but do not feel a part of the organization do not stay. Several surveys that have been done included individuals commenting that nobody spoke to them at the meetings or they did not feel welcomed. I would like to change that. I want new members to be welcomed and appreciated.

We need existing members to volunteer to be ASQ Friends. When that occurs our Membership Chair, Walter So, will pair them up with a new member. The ASQ Friend would have the following responsibilities:

Welcome the New Member to the ASQ Section. Invite them to attend a Dinner Meeting or Tour. When they attend a dinner meeting, sit with them and make them feel welcome and involved. If it is a tour, again, welcome them and make them feel comfortable.

Find out what their interests are. Do they want to be on a committee? Are they interested in Education or Training classes? What topics or subjects? Why did they join ASQ? How long have they been in Quality? Again, the purpose is to make them feel comfortable and a part of the section. Make sure that the Committee Chairs know what the new member’s interests are. This can be done by encouraging them to fill out the “Voice of the Customer” card available at Dinner meetings

Are you interested in becoming an ASQ Friend? Contact Walter So and he will match you to a new member. Once you have connected with a new member and they have attended a tour or Dinner meeting, you will receive an ASQ Name Badge with your name and the Title of “ASQ Friend”. Everyone will know that you are willing to volunteer to make our section stronger and make others feel welcome.


Tom Baldrick

Chair, Columbus Section 801


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News from Student Chapters


We are the officers of ASQ at The Ohio State University. In recent years, our student chapter has not been active at OSU and the 801 ASQ chapter; soon ASQ at OSU comprised of dwindling numbers and half-hearted student members. As a result, our student chapter is fairly small and does not have a strong working relationship with the professional chapter. As the new leadership of this student chapter, it is our goal to rebuild this chapter.

There are ways to rebuild ASQ at OSU, but we need your help. As part of the student chapter’s value, we would like to connect students with the professional chapter. First, we are asking the professional chapter to seek student involvement with anything related to professionalism or quality. For instance, Michael Wiseman, a member of the education committee wants a student to join his committee. Another great example might be to host certification info sessions or to software workshops (Minitab, Excel, etc.). We have found that students are particularly interested in workshops; exposure to software allows them to develop skills and certifications help them stand out when job searching.

 Another outlet to build this student chapter to is provide networking opportunities throughout the year. The student chapter hosts two meetings per month, each meeting serving as an opportunity to learn from quality professionals and to network with them afterwards. Students are eager to learn from professionals who have years of experience and they attend these sessions to listen to the advice you may provide. As such, if any professional are interested in speaking with OSU students, please contact either Erik or Stephen (information below).

Finally, the student chapter would like to organize a networking/panel discussion night with the professional chapter. Similar to a career fair, students could interact with representatives from companies and interact in a panel setting, free from the stress of a high paced career fair. This would not only allow students to develop relationships with professionals, but serve as an opportunity for 801 professionals to interact with students. More details to come.

Our goal is to attract students to ASQ, connect the student and professional chapters, and to make these students lifelong ASQ members. We ask that you please consider our proposals; if anything comes to mind upon reading this letter, do not hesitate to contact us with your thoughts. We thank you all for your time and your consideration.


Stephen Pioro, ASQ Student Chapter President

Pioro.1@osu.edu  cell:  216.789.4356


Erik Furterer, ASQ Student Chapter, Vice President

Furterer.4@osu.edu  cell: 614-999-3628


An initial meeting of the Ohio University Student Chapter was held on Oct 25, 2017 at the Russ College of Engineering& Technology in Athens with about 35 attendees.
Tom Baldrick, the Chair of ASQ-Columbus Section 801 - the sponsoring section, made a presentation about the American Society for Quality and welcomed the students to the Section and Society at large. He reviewed information about his career and talked with the students about how Quality was an important part of his responsibilities. The students asked questions that were related to their career interests.
The officers are currently as follows:
Taylor Scott (President)
Adam Pfeiffer (VP / Secretary)
Matt Martin (Treasurer)
Sarah Studenic (Program Chair)
Adebayo Folarin (Communication Chair)
Chris Bartlett (Professional Section Liaison)
The Chapter Advisor is Dr. Mustafa Shraim who is a faculty member of the Engineering Technology and Management Dept at Ohio University. He is an ASQ Committee Leader of QMS Auditors and member of the Columbus Section 801. He teaches quality related courses including Six Sigma, Quality Management Systems, and Leadership, among others.




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Calendar of Events for ASQ 801

Calendar of Activities up to June of 2018




Contact Person




Tech Data


Paul Graves

5300 Centerpoint Pkwy
Groveport, OH 43125


Dinner Meeting

Application of Kaizens at Cardinal Health



Crown Plaza North

6500 Doubletree Ave.

Columbus OH 43229


Dinner Meeting

APICS/ASQ Joint Meeting


Mike Derringer, Inventory Projects


Crown Plaza North

6500 Doubletree Ave.

Columbus OH 43229





Scott Novak

14111 Scottslawn Rd.

Marysville OH  43040




ASQ Spring Conference



Crown Plaza North

6500 Doubletree Ave.

Columbus OH 43229



Dinner Meeting


Chris Winder, Honda

Crown Plaza North

6500 Doubletree Ave.

Columbus OH 43229





Precisions Sheet Metal Solutions

Paul Siders


957 E. Broad Street

Columbus OH  43205



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ASQ members community activities

On November 2-3 of this year, an ASQ audit team visited PPG plant in Delaware, Ohio. The purpose of the visit was to conduct an internal audit for the ISO 9000 recertification in Spring of 2018 for this plant. Tom Baldrick (lead-auditor), Ashley Hatfield, Frances Miller and Shirine Mafi served on the audit team.

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